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Embracing Art and Photography, the visions in this storybook are a basis to our cultural spirit. From the harsh realities of a skier’s plight, to warm boarding adventures across Western Canada and inside the hip French corner of Switzerland - we are searching for something very special.


Throw about the urban dream for community balance parks, some common respect, and a healthy serve of adrenaline, and you’ll discover a connection to the new world. The essence of nomadic existence and timeless organic living. Unmasking those of us who follow our hearts and who truly define what is real. Freeriding is not a fashion, and this book is no ordinary read, it’s a movement toward freedom. A somewhat indigenous song with one voice that speaks of noble honour - the pieces presented here collectively bring together a story of the freerider. Simply for equal standing and stoke.


‘Poetry for the People’ is bought to you by the Summit Heartcore - a motley bunch of global freeriders who are dedicated to expanding tribal balance strategies throughout modern culture. Just something warm to remind us about why we are here and what makes us tick.


Originally published in 2002 and rereleased in 2018. 

Produced by Peter 'pea ce' Corney / Epicscope

EPIC - poetry for the people

$55.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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