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Our first project is to communicate the vision of balance - the key is practicing. Balanced People = Balanced Earth.
From this view point we seek a level of commitment from like minded individuals, companies and communities to support the shared vision of EpicBalance...



Storytelling is how we share our message and wisdom. With ten small format 16-32 page EpicJournals, two photo storybooks Epic - poetry for the people (164 pages) + Epic - medicine for the madness and a biographical novel titled Born to Fly about the life and times of legendary freestyle skier Eric Hymans. We are planning to further  our campaigns with more stories themed toward EpicBalance. 



From Epicscope's sole trader status we vision an associated network of all individuals, companies and councils committed to delivering EpicBalance in their perspective areas. Naturally and organically seeking professional experience to progress EpicBalance. Open to other avenues such as creating a or partnering with existing global entities in the calibre of our vision.



Incessantly campaigning for transition solutions, we have recognised the technology to engineer Geo Thermally Refrigerated halfpipe complexes. Seeking expressions of interest along with funding partners to turn this dream into a global reality. 



Campaigning for Terrain Parks: Events; 
Trampoline gyms; Epic Living; Healthy Nutrition; Global Hospitality; Mountain Climbing Walls; Skate Parks everywhere; 
Epic Galleries inspiring creativity; 
MX, MountainBike and BMX parks; Positive story time through EpicBooks.. EpicProjects are sewing the seeds and tapestry of Balance across our global community. All-weather all-season ActionParks for Indoor and Outdoor happy evolution for humanity.



Epic people pass on knowledge. Teach young to grow into royalty. Accept advise. Ask for the very best. An EpicBalance 
Academy is where we wish to go for mastering action sport lifestyles. Thus living lives in balance. This project is about searching out and integrating the very best systems for EpicBalance education and experience. Imagine being a member of an EpicBalance Academy...

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